Negotiating for change: advocacy soft skills

CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality

Short summary

Negotiating change happens on many levels, and our RHRN2 program sees advocates active in local, national, regional and international spaces, advocating for youth SRHR and meaningful and inclusive youth participation. We have one thing in common: we negotiate for positive change with decision-makers and other stakeholders. To do this, we sometimes need to be bold, then pragmatic, and sometimes, put our foot down. What you’ll learn in this training is the ‘soft’ skills for advocacy, which can be used in most settings, adjusted to the work you are already doing, or want to start with.

What capacity strengthening support can we provide on this topic?

How do you pitch your issue to a decision-maker you happen to run into on your way to the bathroom? How do you know who to reach out to, and how do you make the best first impression for yourself and your organization? What tips and tricks do fellow activists use to create their desired change? Learn it here and also share your expertise!

What could the CS look like?

This training can be provided fully online. If combined with another CS offer, it is also possible to host it in-person.
The expected time investment is 4 hours (1 hour of preparations and a one-time, 3 hour session).

What tools are available?

Existing complementary resources such as: and ;

Workshop style online session

What languages can this CS support be provided in?


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