This capacity strengthening (CS) supply menu is created to give all partners involved in the RHRN2 program an overview of some of  the capacity strengthening support that is on offer. This is a living tool and will be updated periodically.

How can I use this menu?

The CS Menu is divided into sections based on the Long Term Outcomes (LTOs) as described in the Theory of Change (ToC) and then further subdivided into different headers which provide a brief description of the capacity strengthening on offer. You can search further using specific tags on a variety of interest areas eg. youth-focused, national advocacy etc

Where to find relevant tools and resources?  

RHRN2 also has a RHRN database which is a capacity strengthening & sharing website that is open source and accessible for all partners to the program - both in the past and the future. 

How can I request CS support?

Capacity strengthening needs within RHRN2 are always decided upon by the country coalitions and are usually already included in the annual work plan of the country coalition. To request one of the capacity strengthening offers as described in this menu, please talk to your SKIL liaison to advise  you on how to proceed.