Youth-Led Advocacy – Knowledge & Skill-Building

CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality

Short summary
CHOICE offers a few innovative advocacy tools for youth advocates (and adult allies) to equip advocates with more tools to learn and develop their work. These tools can be chosen separately!

What capacity strengthening support can we provide on this topic?

Negotiating, compromising, coming up with strong arguments, influencing, collaboration and building alliances are all important skills that can help achieve advocacy goals at any level. Juncture is an advocacy simulation game developed by CHOICE which places participants in complex social situations, allowing them to strengthen their advocacy skills and test out different strategies in a safe environment. It is an excellent learning tool which offers participants the chance to act, reflect, and try again! The youth-friendly nature of this simulation means that it can be played with advocates of all levels of experience, and makes it a great team-building activity as well.

For shadow-reporting and accountability work, it helps if you can add evidence! If you want to boost your evidence-based advocacy nationally and internationally, and stay safe while gathering evidence, TIMBY is the tool for you. If you opt for this CS, you’ll be trained on the use of the TIMBY app (specifically tailored for RHRN2!) and work with CHOICE on creating evidence-based advocacy messages to take your (accountability) advocacy to the next level. The Global Advocacy Academy offers remote learning on international and regional advocacy and advocacy skills. Through e-modules and webinars, you’ll expand your knowledge of advocacy!

What could the CS look like? 

The simulation game Juncture is played over four to six hours, and is designed for 16-24 participants and one to two CHOICE facilitators. Disclaimer: can only be done in-person.

TIMBY can host a training session remotely, and you can get started with your new evidence-based advocacy adventure right after! Expected time investment: 2 hours.

The Global Advocacy Academy (GAA) can be accessed by advocates online in their own time. Webinars are scheduled when relevant. With a new group, an introduction will be planned to help you get started.

What tools are available?


TIMBY + toolkit on evidence based advocacy and digital safety (app + Whatsapp functionality)

Global Advocacy Academy (online)


What languages can this CS support be provided in?

English and French, but we can work with translators for workshops in other languages. TIMBY app can be used in a variety of languages. Video lessons and toolkit in English and French.

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