SRHR Information and Education (SRHR I&E)


Short summary

Rutgers has solid experience in strengthening the capacity of partners regarding the quality content creation and delivery of SRHR Information and Education. In this trajectory, we will support RHRN partners to put young people and a comprehensive approach to sexuality at the centre of the SRHR I&E, by applying principles of empowerment, gender equality and the human rights-based approach in the programme design as well as the materials and the pedagogic approaches for quality delivery (face-to-face and online) in educational, health and out of school sectors. 

What capacity strengthening support can we provide on this topic? 

  • Capacity building trajectories for curriculum developers and implementors, trainers and educators on broad range of SRHR I&E related topics, such as concepts, principles and effective approaches of SRHR and CSE; learner-centred and positive pedagogies; the gender transformative approach and meaningful youth inclusion and participation in SRHR I&E.
  • Support in intervention, curriculum and material development and adaptation for several target groups: children, young people (in and out of school), caregivers, etc.
  • Support in development and implementation of sustainable programming and quality insurance (PMEL) systems, including pre- and in-service trainings for educators and formative monitoring; formative, implementation, and operational research on content creation and delivery; effect studies and impact evaluations.
  • Effective strategies and approaches for inclusion of governmental, community, family and/or religious stakeholders in SRHR I&E and dealing with opposition.

What could the CS look like? 

Tailor-made joint learning trajectories, consisting of:

  • mentoring/coaching at a distance, developing and/or (co-) facilitating (ToT) workshops/trainings or self-directed e-learnings, facilitating online follow-up peer supervision sessions, etc.; and/or 
  • sharing resources and materials and/or provide technical support in the development or adaptation of implementation strategies, incl supporting documents and tools, SRHR I&E content and materials and PMEL tools (half-products and standardized tools available); and/or 
  • linking and supporting exchange with pool of global experts and like-minded peers on SRHR I&E.

What tools are available? 

  • Different curricula for in- and out of school for age group of 4-6, 9-14, 14-19, 16-24 years old, as well as for caregivers, and (future) primary, secondary and higher education teachers 
  • Research and M&E measurement tools, guides and protocols that can be further adapted 
  • Whole School Approach for Sexuality Education 
  • Gender Transformative Approach for comprehensive sexuality education 

What languages can this CS support be provided in? 

English and French 

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