Social Media for Non-Profits


Short summary

This is an entree level learning trajectory on how you can using Social Media as a SRHR non profit organization. After completing the participants will know how to set up and manage social media channels that supports their organizations ambitions. They will have learned about the importance of choosing a clear audience, developing and managing content, dealing with opposition, online campaigning and the importance of tracking and improving. 

What capacity strengthening support can we provide on this topic?

Young people make up a large part of the population in the countries of RHRN2 and are at the heart of the programs Theory of Change. Social media has become increasingly important for the way young people shape their ideas of the future and worldview. Celebrities, political youth leaders, activists, pop icons, journalists, YouTube artists and other types of influencers take an important role here. In this time and age knowing how social media works, how you reach your audiences best and how you can get the most out of your channels to support your advocacy is essential. Also working in collaboration with influencers and understanding young people’s behavior and interest online is crucial to be able to reach, inform and influence young people on diversity, gender and SRHR. Whether it is through the media they follow, the brands they relate to, the celebrities they look up to or the youth leaders they trust, we need to bring our messages to places that we cannot reach ourselves and attract influencers, brands and channels to carry our messages in their own words. 

What could the CS support we offer look like?

Learning trajectory on Social media for non-profits; blended trajectory using an e-module supported with community management, video conferencing contact learning & optional coaching. 

What tools are available?

Social Media Guide – Right Here Right Now 

What languages can this CS support be provided in?

English and French. 

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