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Short summary

How to monitor outcomes related to advocacy, social norms change or increased organizational capacity? How to not only use these for reporting but also for improving your plans and strategies? How to meaningfully train and involve young people in research and M&E of their SRHR programmes and projects? Rutgers can support partners with these questions as well as with wider support in carrying out research, M&E, and learning trajectories. Depending on the CS provided, participants will gain skills in programmatic learning and evidence based programming, meaningful engaging young people in research and working on ToCs.

What capacity strengthening support can we provide on these topics? 

Our CS support can cover the following topics and themes:

  • RHRN’s PMEL approach and the development of your country-specific PMEL framework
  • Monitoring of advocacy programming (using the Outcome Harvesting methodology)
  • Involving young people as researchers in SRHR programmes resulting in a youth-informed and context specific research plan (using the Explore methodology)
  • Using monitoring data to learn about the programme’s effectiveness and quality of implementation
  • Analysing social norms and monitoring how they change
  • Qualitative research methods and techniques; co-creation design, research ethics; transcription; analysis and interpretation; validation; reporting; dissemination

What could the CS look like? 

Depending on your priorities, the Rutgers team and the coalition can jointly design an online or (Covid-19 permitting) offline training, writeshop, series of coaching or feedback sessions, webinar, or combination thereof. An introduction on one topic can generally be provided in a half-day webinar, while a 3 or 4-day training is recommended for a full training on a topic plus guided implementation. We recommend planning sufficient time so that we can explore the topic or topics in sufficient depth and combine theory and practice. 

What tools are available? 

What languages can this CS support be provided in? 

English and French

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