Grant and Financial Management


What capacity strengthening support can we provide on this topic? 

Country lead partners are responsible for managing the country grant in RHRN2, including the sub-granting of other  coalition partners as per the allocation of roles in the annual work plan. However not all country lead partners have prior  experience in managing country grants and subgranting. Capacity levels are assessed by means of organizational  capacity assessments.  

Rutgers provides guidance and support to the country lead partner in the set-up and management of their grant  management and subgranting system. Rutgers has developed guidelines on the set-up of a sound grant management  and subgranting system. These guidelines imply a series of steps: partner selection and assessment; planning and  budgeting; subcontracting; implementing and monitoring; reporting, auditing and close-out; and reflecting, learning and  adjusting. Rutgers provides support/capacity strengthening, as needed, to country lead partners in the rollout and  implementation of these guidelines.  

What could the CS support we offer look like? 

The first step is providing the guidance, which is done by means of the national grant management and subgranting  guidelines, followed by inception workshops so that the country lead partner (and eventually other coalition partners)  are adequately oriented on these guidelines and their rollout.  

Rutgers monitors the development and implementation of the system and provides support as needed. This consists of  first and foremost help desk-support, advice on emerging issues and problem solving. Further support can also entail  country monitoring visits and more dedicated trainings, including finance trainings. This will vary based on needs,  requests, capacity and contexts.  

While Rutgers provides guidance and support to the country lead partner, country lead partners provide guidance and  support to the other country coalition partners. Capacities of other coalition partners are also assessed by means of  organizational capacity assessments by the country lead partner, and capacity strengthening needs should be integrated  in annual work plans at country level. Rutgers can support the country lead partner on capacity needs of subgrantees, if  requested. This can consist of, for instance, supporting the country lead partner in the training of sub-grantees by  attending/co-facilitating a session with the finance officers of all the platform members.  

What tools are available? 

National grant management and subgranting guidelines  

What languages can this CS support be provided in? 

English and French 

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