Evaluating Meaningful and Inclusive Youth Participation in Organizations or Country Coalitions

CHOICE for Youth and SexualityDance4Life

Short summary
Young people should be able to meaningfully participate integrated throughout RHRN2 at all levels. To achieve this goal, we have to take a step back to evaluate how we are doing on MIYP as a program, but also as organizations and country coalitions.

What capacity strengthening support can we provide on this topic?

CHOICE has several relevant tools available which can help support this evaluation process. These evaluations can happen on several levels, (1) as country coalitions, looking into how your country team enables MIYP and if there are areas which can be strengthened; (2) in terms of advocacy activities, especially if you engage with external young people; and (3) as organizations, especially if your organization is quite new to the concept of MIYP.

What could the CS look like?

Multiple MIYP tools are available to support planning and evaluation. Together with the organization(s), CHOICE can advise which tool would best suit the context. Depending on the tool some will need facilitation and others can be used at an individual level. Each tool is designed to be done over one-day in a group facilitated by a CHOICE trainer. Based on the outcomes of the evaluation, participants/ partners can come up with action plans and concrete follow up steps. The tools are available in different modes and forms, offline, online, and blended forms.

What tools are available?

  1. MIYP Reflection Tool – a tool developed especially for the RHRN country consortium to support reflection on the level of MIYP. Support in implementing this tool can be provided.
  2. MYP checklists. These checklists are designed to be completed together with a CHOICE facilitator, and are not available for sharing externally.
  3. MIYP e-module: an online version of the MIYP reflection tool and the checklists. It is meant to support    reflection on the level of MIYP. This interactive tool is offered in a joint effort with D4L.
  4. MIYP Planning Tool: a tool developed by Rutgers to strengthen inclusive youth participation in the programme and support coalitions and partners in embedding MIYP in planning. Support in using the tool can be provide. You can find it here.
  5. Meaningful Youth Participation in Organizations Tool (MOT): a tool that allows organizations to identify strong points and areas for improvement on MYP within an organization.
  6. The Graph of Participation. The assessment is followed by creating action plans to strengthen MYP. This tool cannot be shared externally.
  7. The MYP Position Paper. English version can be found here
  8. The A-Z of MYP Training Manual. This cannot be shared out of the RHRN2 program.

What languages can this CS support be provided in?

English, and possibly French (dependent on availability of French speaking staff/translators). The A-Z of MYP Training Manual and the MIYP e-course will be translated to French.

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