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Short summary 

Working in the civic space means you are potentially exposed to a wide variety of risks. These can range from network security risks to privacy risks to behavioural cyber-risks. And while you may be aware of some of them, you might feel unprepared to tackle them – especially considering that cyber threats continually evolve. The ways in which your privacy and security can be compromised by criminal, corporate or state activity are multiplying and becoming more and more complex. By taking some essential steps, you can become less vulnerable and protect your digital activity. 

What capacity strengthening support can we provide on this topic?  

Our training, tailored specifically to CSOs, can provide you with the tools you need to stay safe. Our experienced digital security experts cover a broad range of current and emerging threats to privacy and security and assist in the development of threat models and master core techniques and principles for protecting data.  

The aim of the training is to instil confidence in working safely online with the help of a risk mitigation strategy and to provide the essential tools and knowledge to ensure secure communications, protected devices and safe spaces. The training elucidates key components of digital security, such as: threat awareness, cybercrime & cyber security tools, physical security risks and threat modelling, device security & privacy.  

What could the CS look like?  

  • We facilitate an interactive multi-day training (4 hrs/day in person, blended or online), accompanied by an e-learning component 
  • Depending on your specific goals, we can provide coaching sessions that support you with dealing with specific digital safety & security matters  

What tools are available?  

  • E-learning component on our Online Learning Academy with learning content, case studies & practical templates 

What languages can this CS support be provided in?  

English and French  


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