Develop a Public Support Strategy


Short summary

This CS trajectory support the development of a multi-annual, country specific and co-owned public support strategy. Having a good public support strategy can really benefit the overall objectives of the program. Country coalition wide commitment to a public support strategy leads to better standards of communication, makes communication efforts and activities more targeted and coalition partners more inclined to share and amplify each other’s messages, campaigns and ideas. 

What capacity strengthening support can we provide on this topic?

In order to reach the set advocacy goals a combination of lobby and advocacy AND communications and advocacy is necessary. The latter to increase awareness about the issues at stake, to engage the general public, to create support, create a soft landing ground for new laws and policies but also to indirectly lobby the decision makers. Advocacy communications can generate pressure from bottom up in addition to the lobby taken place on a more individual level. Advocacy communications supports you to create a critical mass and stimulate movement building, that is why a public support strategy is essential in complimenting good advocacy strategy. 

What could the CS support we offer look like?

  • Developing a context specific multi annual communications strategy complimentary to your advocacy strategy (online, offline and blended) 
  • Tailored ongoing mentoring support in implementation, adjusting and alignment of your public support strategy  

What tools are availeble?

What languages can this CS support be provided in?

English and French. 

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