Creative and Digital Facilitation Techniques

Short summary 

This is a customized learning trajectory that looks at the HOW - when it comes to youth communication, engagement and co-creation. We can support your organisation in becoming skilled in these various methodologies making your content stick! 

What capacity strengthening support can we provide on this topic?

Working for young people, means working with them. This is a commonly used statement. However organizations may find it difficult to practice this in their work for there’s a lack of knowledge and skills on how to not only involve young people meaningfully but also make them an active co-creator of your programs. 

In this learning trajectory we practice with skills and work on confidence in creative and engaging on-/offline facilitation techniques (experiential learning, working in co-creation, design thinking, social and emotional learning, music/dance). Applicable for: Program Staff willing to design effective and user-centered interventions, trainers and facilitators working with youth.

What would the CS offer look like

  • Trainers from our pool of local trainers could be consulted to facilitate workshops or moderate sessions on a variety of subjects and creative methodologies. Trainers are located in six RHRN countries: Burundi, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal and Uganda.
  • Blended or online learning journeys on the topics and methodologies mentioned above. 

What languages can this CS support be provided in? 

English and French 

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