Combatting Unsafe Abortions Together


Short summary

We can support and advise partners in the RHRN2 programme on how to address the (dangers of) unsafe abortion and how to raise awareness about safe abortion and contraception. Our complementary approach includes 1) supply of safe abortion products and trained providers and pharmacists, 2) awareness raising tools and strategies, including mHealth and online solutions, and 3) advocacy strategies to create a supportive environment for access to safe abortion. Depending on the partner’s focus and area of expertise, Rutgers can provide support in one or more aspects of the complementary approach, to ensure that every person can make their safe choice.

What capacity strengthening support can we provide on this topic? 

One of the focus themes of Rutgers is access to safe abortion. Unsafe abortion remains one of the leading causes of maternal deaths worldwide, with 68,000 women dying of unsafe abortion annually. While improved access to contraception and information and education on SRHR are important in reducing unintended pregnancies and hence the need for abortion services, access to safe abortion will always be necessary. In the context of the Rutgers-led She Makes Her Safe Choice programme, since 2018 we have developed  our capacity to  develop and support context-specific and tailored strategies and interventions aimed at reducing unsafe abortions. This includes provision of quality contraceptives and safe abortion products, quality youth- and womxn-friendly services, and correct information about and referral to quality safe abortion services and contraceptives. We do this at different levels: worldwide, in Ethiopia, Kenya and in selected countries in Francophone West Africa.

What could the CS look like? 

Depending on your capacity needs and expertise, Rutgers can offer a combination of methods and tools around safe abortion, including, but not limited to:

·       Technical advice (e.g. on how to integrate safe abortion, Value Clarification and Attitudes Transformation (VCAT) regarding abortion, how to talk about abortion (for journalists, advocates, young writers), Gender Transformative Approaches in safe abortion service provision) through a tailored learning trajectory, coaching, webinars, and/or blended learning.

·       Sharing resources on abortion; literature, research findings, toolkits, opinion pieces.

·       Introduction to relevant resource persons (e.g. programme partners, global working groups).

·       Liaison to broker collaborations (e.g. between youth advocates and service providers and/or online platforms).

What tools are available? 

·       E-learning course Exploring Values with focus on abortion; interactive sessions on (assumptions about) young people and their decision-making capabilities around sexual health in relation to abortion.

·       Gender Transformative Approach (GTA) toolkit for safe abortion services.

·       Online training session for young writers on how to write/express about abortion.

What languages can this CS support be provided in? 

English and French.

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