A Peer-led CSE Approach


Short summary

We can support or advice RHRN countries on user a empowerment driven and peer-led CSE approach. Empowerment according to Dance4Life is defined as change that starts from within. We do not share information about what is right or good for young people, instead we invite young people to think for themselves. The work is rooted in the principles of peer-led and positive youth development programs which means we work with peer leaders who focus on building skills, fostering healthy relationships, and supporting young people as active and equal change makers.

What capacity strengthening support can we provide on this topic?

Dance4Life has an international pool of local trainers that can be deployed in capacity building on designing and contextualizing CSE and training of local facilitators. They are young SRHR experts trained by Dance4Life in experiential learning, design thinking and how to empower and raise up young people to give them the confidence to enable their voices to be heard through actions in their community. We have Master Trainers in six of the RHRN2 countries – Burundi, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal and Uganda. Dance4Life has specific expertise in developing CSE modules in co-creation with young people, empowering and transforming young people into confident individuals with gender equal attitudes, and the ability to critically question and challenge existing social norms. A recent example of Dance4Life’s expertise in co-creation is the digitalisation of the Journey4Life which began in July 2020 as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. At every stage of its development, Dance4Life involved program staff, Trainers4Life, peer facilitators and young people and the process was iterative, consisting of experimentation, testing and adaptation. Dance4Life mobilised 14 young Trainers4Life to develop, test and then contextualise sessions, instant messaging and video conferencing platforms. 

What could the CS support we offer look like?

  • Implementation of our CSE program, The Journey4Life. We support in contextualising the curriculum, training peer educators to deliver the sessions and the CSO would join our partner organisation network to share best practices and learnings from their work.
  • Offer online versions of our CSE curriculum (co-created and tested with partners for instant messenger or video conferencing platforms) and offer consultations on converting programs online or as blended approaches on/offline
  • Support in strengthening a chosen CSE curriculum to enhance sex positivity, leadership and socio-emotional skills 
  • An international pool of local master trainers that can be deployed in capacity building on designing and contextualizing CSE and training local peer facilitators

What tools are available? 

  • Modules and learning journeys on online learning space: Academy4Life 
  • Manuals for both digital and offline journey4life

What languages can this CS support be provided in?

English and French

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